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    The World’s first Low Profile Winch with a powerful 4 stage planetary gear set.These all-new 4 stage gear sets gives you that extra power you need to get out of a stuck situation.

    This winch is unique in everything in every way.
    The Winch that is in a class of its own. It's what other winches inspire to become.

    1. It is the first winch to ever come with the new low profile, remote mountable, USA patented, control box. A complete remake of the 50+ year old solenoid. A unique control box that allows you to use both 24V and 12V at the same time.
    2. First winch to use an optional power safety breaker, that still allows you to release the line load (winch out) after the breaker trips, for safety. The safety breaker trips when a winch exceeds its load capacity, or is drawing too many amps that may kill your battery. After the breaker trips/pops, you can still RELEASE the load on the winch. This will allow you to reconfigure your winch line (i.e.: add a snatch block) that will allow your winch to pull you out in a more sustainable way.
    3. First winch to use portable copper bars instead of copper cables. (optional copper cables)
    4. First small winch to have 4 stage gears set.
    5. Limited Life Time gear box Warranty.
    6. First winch to use sealed bearings on both sides of the drive shaft, for less friction, and smoother turning off the gears.
    7. Optional in cab switches. This makes winching faster and safer than having to hook up a wired remote control on the outside of the winch.
    8. Optional wireless, with the world's first lithium rechargeable batteries.
    9. Dual LED remote control. LED turns RED while winching out. GREEN while winching IN. (LEDs flash when the breaker pops, so the user knows that the winch is no long working)
    10. First electric winch to come with a 360° swivel one finger flip up clutch handle. Perfect for those tight bull bar (bumper) fits where your hand can't get in there. The clutch handles allows the winch to go from gears engaged (drive) to freespool (neutral). Freespool is used so you can drag the winch line out faster AND since other winches you can’t really winch the cable OUT without heating up the brake, it’s an important thing to have. But with this new unique winch , you never have to worry about brake failures or breaks heating up. This winch allows you to winch OUT all you need, without having to bother with free spool.

    Low profile winch with a very low profile control box.
    ONLY one in this new class of winches.

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    Copyright © 2019 RKM.Rights Reserved
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